April, your travel assistance card




Introducing April, your travel assistance card in case of unexpected contingencies or emergencies during your vacation. It provides you with assistance, anytime and practically anywhere regardless of the circumstances.

Because your safety and peace of mind come first, this assistance-insurance card will cover you for up to $50,000 USD per emergency*, for just $3,65 USD a day.

April’s benefits!

  • Cancellation policy. You can cancel your April Assistance Travel Guardian card any time, no questions asked. You will get reimbursed partially or in full based the insurance card you acquired.
  • It covers you in case of an emergency or unexpected contingencies when you are travelling.
  • Assistance for travelers up to 85 years of age.
  • Life insurance in case of sudden death or accident regardless of the circumstances.
  • Covers immediate expenses for personal needs in case your luggage gets lots or delayed.

Sign up for April, your new travel assistance card.

Talk to your Holiday Advisor.

* Ask your Holiday Advisor about different coverage. Terms and conditions apply.



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